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Website Analysis: Why It’s Important for SEO

Almost everyone these days knows the word SEO or heard about Search Engine Optimization, even if they know little about what it really is. The purpose of SEO is to make your site more visible in the search engines, making it show up on the first couple of pages when someone searches for a particular keyword. Search engines analyze text on websites and look for what the internet user searched for; when the keyword is found, the site is returned by the search engine, so the user can check it out and get the information they need.

SEO is also about improving the site’s rank and raising awareness of the brand and before one can start improving a site’s SEO, they need to conduct a deep SEO analysis. A professional expert is going to conduct a free SEO Audit before even quote a price for the optimization project.

A complete SEO Website Audit report is needed to evaluate the site because each website is different and you can’t know just by looking at it. This is only one of the reasons why it’s important to conduct the analysis.

What is an SEO Analysis?

There are two main reasons to conduct an SEO Analysis: before you conduct a SEO campaign and after it. First, before you establish a SEO strategy you need to know which areas of your site need improvement and how they can be improved. After you’ve implemented a specific strategy, you want to know how it performs. This is the best moment to conduct another SEO analysis report, which can be compared with the old one to check if the SEO strategy paid off.

You want to keep track of both content SEO and technical SEO by checking how the last campaign altered your keyword rankings, page load speed, conversion rate optimization and site crawlability.

To conduct an SEO Analysis you can hire a professional or a digital marketing company, but there are also some tools you can use on your own.

Tools for SEO analysis

An SEO analysis can be seen as a tool for people to study a site and identify its weakest points. There are many tools online which can help you get an SEO Analysis, the most popular among them being Google’s Webmaster Tools.

Other SEO Analysis tools are: