Tips to Prevent Comment Spam

Tips to prevent comment spam

There are several ways to stop comment spam, including creating a blacklist of words. While most spammers use bots to create these comments, there are also human beings who leave thin, irrelevant comments that address the points in a post. These people can be difficult to screen out, especially if they hide behind commercial keywords or human-sounding names. To prevent spam, create a blacklist of keywords to filter out all comments that contain those words.

One of the most common tactics that attackers use is targeting websites with poorly secured forms. These forms are easy targets for attackers because they are vulnerable to brute force attacks and security holes. Once inside a website, attackers can use these forms to send spam from an email address. WordPress is much better at combating spam now than it was in years past, but there are still many ways to prevent comment spam. In this article, we will look at nine effective ways to prevent bad comments.

The first tip is to limit the links that comment spammers post. While this will reduce the amount of spam, it will also slow down the moderation process. By doing this, spammers are less likely to post links that can lead to their own sites. By restricting links, you will prevent most comment spammers from posting comments. Another way to prevent comment spam is to disable the link field. You can also consider installing a plugin that prevents users from placing links in their comment fields.

Aside from comment moderation, you can also use WP-reCAPTCHA to verify that users are human. This will not affect manually submitted comment spam, but it will block spam bots and eliminate the URL field from your website. This will greatly reduce spammers’ activity on your site. You can also add a noindex robots meta tag to new user posts. After a user has earned some reputation, remove it.

Another way to prevent comment spam is to limit the number of comments. Bots love to use links in comments, so disabling links will prevent bots from spamming your blog. Besides that, you can also disallow trackbacks and empty your trash. These are two very simple ways to prevent comment spam. And, they are easy to implement. There are more ways to prevent comment spam, but these three tips will help you protect your website from the scourge.

A manual approval is another way to prevent comment spam. This method is the best option, but it requires hours of work, and prevents real-time discussions on your site. Besides, most spam comments contain several links. Therefore, you can hold them for two days before disabling them. The spam filtering time of comment spam is limited. You may still get rogue comments, but these steps will keep your blog spam-free and boost your SEO.

A manual approval of the first comment is another way to prevent comment spam. While a good comment might be rejected, spammers rarely write good ones. You can also set up a moderation queue to place comments with links. Additionally, you can set up your comment system to automatically mark comments that contain banned words as spam. If the spammer is a regular poster, this will ensure that the comment is not automatically marked as spam.

Disabling guest commenting may discourage real readers from commenting, but small websites should keep guest comments enabled. Moreover, comment spam is one way that spammers spread links through blog comments. They search related articles and leave links in the comments. To prevent comment spam, you can close down the pages of your blog so that the spammers cannot access it. Lastly, you can also turn off guest commenting on your blog. If you want to make the commenting process more enjoyable and productive for everyone, this is an excellent idea.

Anti-spam plugins are also an excellent option. These plugins prevent comment spam by connecting to databases of spam. They also let you know which comments have been flagged as spam. Anti-spam plugins can also improve your search rankings and user experience. Another good option is Jetpack anti-spam, which protects WordPress sites from comment spam and speeds up the site. This plugin offers powerful features that will protect your site and make it faster and more popular.

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